Looking Ahead

Hello friends!  Whoo, what a month it’s been already!  I don’t know about you and your family, but here at Legacy Home and Apiary, we are counting down the days til the holiday break!  With Christmas plays, band concerts, shopping, baking, parties, village festivals and dinners, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas leave us feeling a little breathless. After our vacation begins on the 19th, we restrict our activities to lounging in our jammies, playing board games, baking cookies and hanging out in front of the fireplace watching Christmas movies.  I consider it a very necessary, modern-day hibernation.   

After the excitement of Christmas is over, we tend to spend the remainder of our break planning for the year ahead.  We organize our agendas, schedule appointments, prioritize our household projects, order seeds for the spring garden and my favorite: research the skills we want to learn the following year.  Each year, I encourage the children (and myself as well!) to learn a new skill or hobby and each year, the children never fail to amaze me with their choices.  Some years, it’s practical and utilitarian; other years it’s pure enjoyment.  Angus’s interests have ranged from coding to tinkering on small engines in the barn; Petunia, from bird watching to learning to use kitchen knives.  Learning has never been a burden for them, as they get to choose the topic and I’m just pleased that they get to enjoy a wide array of experiences while they’re young.  My hope is that they’ll develop a joy of learning that will last them for the rest of their lives.  

I’m pretty excited about the year ahead as both kids have expressed a desire to learn beekeeping.  It’s not the MOST practical of skills, but it’s something they could use in adulthood, perhaps as passive income but more likely to benefit their garden.  What I’m most excited about, though, is our 2018 family project:  

We fell into an amazing deal on a mechanically-sound 1979 CJ5 to restore for a family vehicle.  I know nothing about basic mechanics and it’s something I’ve always regretted, so hopefully this will be an opportunity for the kids and me to learn at the same time!  Perhaps by the end of 2018, I’ll be able to fix flat tires and do my own oil changes!  Ha!  But our main goal with this restoration: Angus has shown a real interest in mechanics and engineering, and I’m praying that this restoration may spark a desire that could be developed into a career.  He’s only 13 and I’m sure he’ll change his mind a hundred times between now and adulthood,  but it’s never too early to begin encouraging the thought process, right?  

I know it’s early to begin thinking about 2018, but what’s your thoughts on the new year?  Any fun planning in the works?

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  1. This is an awesome post Andrea! We have the 1971 CJ5 that my husband and his twin brother rode home from the hospital in. Check those leaky gaskets:-) Also, the beekeeping is wonderful on so many accounts. They will learn an appreciation for “a natural world” and possibly question how those sprays on food crops affect the bees (and us.) Or, the bees prepare and need X amount of honey to make it through winter; what do we need to make it through winter – and on and on. You are giving them a significant gift in a fun and simplistic way. Kudos to you!

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