The Necessity of Close Community – Revisited

We had a tragedy in our community last week.  A vibrant, lively 7-year old-died in a shocking accident and our little village is reeling.  Parents aren’t supposed to bury their babies and when it happens, there are simply no words.

This morning, the local elementary held a crisis intervention and the one thing that I took away was the comment that someone has to be in place to “heal the healers”.   The speaker told of the blessing upon our village, that ours is such a tight-knit community there will always be someone there to support those who are  hurting.

But not everyone is blessed in that way.

In November, we talked about the importance of being engaged with your community; of being the familiar face and hands willing to serve in times of need.  This tragedy is a clarion call for me and I once again urge you to get plugged in with your village/township/city.  Life is so short and fragile, and at some point in that life, we’re all going to be beggars desperate for bread.  Be the person who shows the beggar where to find it.  Be the one who “heals the healer”.

Blessings upon you and yours